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Hot Air Balloon Over a Fairy Land
Cappadocia Balloon Tours!
Cappadocia is a land of extreme beauty, the deep canyons and lush fertile valleys provide our balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight…If you wish to do a balloon ride one time in your life save it for Cappadocia, you will have an unforgettable experience.
Pilots: They are licensed, professional and have long years of experience behind them. With these pilots you will not just fly over Cappadocia, depending on the season, pilots may bring you so close to fruit trees, like apricots or to collect flowers and up again.
Season: The balloon tours run everyday, all year-round except if there is a bad weather. We receive reservations for any date and only the day before the ride or sometimes on the morning of the flight we may be canceling it due to Weather.

Is it safe?
To fly in a balloon is as safe as traveling on an airliner operated by one of the worlds major carriers and not surprisingly many people who don’t like the claustrophobia of an airliner feel very comfortable in the balloon basket. Unlike an airliner, the technical systems are very simple and there is almost nothing that can go wrong.
What about Insurance?
We carry insurance corresponding with International law for the carriage of passengers.
When is the flight?
Early morning. The gentle and stable wind conditions are ideal during the first few hours of the day in Cappadocia. It is also the ideal time for photography, with splendid colors and contrasts.
Where does it starts?
We will pick you up from the hotel early in the morning, before sunrise. You fly over valleys of Cappadocia full of rock formations, fairy chimneys and natural beauty. Actual flight starts before sunrise and effective flight in the air is about 1 hour and 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer for a deluxe flight.
Example: You wake up at 5:30am and you are back at the hotel around 8:30am. You have a Champaign celebration at the end of the flight.

Normal time can be pre arranged to suit your day plan.
Visit to Sword Valley, Meskendir Valley, Red Valley, Rose Valley, Cavusin Valley, then Bush Valley and Fairy Chimney Valley Pasabag. It takes 6 to 7 hours to complete. Mostly easy walking.
A minimum of 4 churches visited.

Normal departure times at 9 – 9.30 am
Commence time can be pre arranged to suite your day plan. Visit to Zemi Valley, Babaccik Valley, King Valley, Pigeon Valley, Karsibicak Valley, Whith Valley and Honey Valley. It takes 5 to 7 hours to complete.
A minimum of 3 churches can be seen.

Normal departure times at 9 – 9.30 am.
Includes one two days and one night.
Walk one and two combined, visiting the most interesting places, also camping and BBQ in Rose Valley.
Minimum of 4 persons and own sleeping bags required.

Normal departure times at 9 – 9.30 am
Includes 3 days and 2 nights tour.
Third Walk continues by transfer and visit of Birds Paradise for one day. At day break sighting of Flamingos and other birds, also visit Kapuzbasi Waterfall, a picnic there, transfer to Bayram Hacilar (Hot Springs), return to Goreme.
Minimum of 6 persons and own sleeping bags required.

A picnic may be great fun but often people get forgetful and leave the remains of their meal behind them.

Jeep Safari Cappadocia

This Activity is only for information right now.

          Leaving early in the morning in jeeps towards Ürgüp, Mustafapasa, Yesilhisar, and Yahyali. From Yahyali to Aladaglar via mountain roads, and then camping beside Zamanti River near Çamlica Village.

          Lunch is served when camped at Büyükçakir and Karpuzbasi waterfalls. Next morning, visit mountain villagers living at a height of 2500 m in the mountains and on the high plateaus. Return to the hotel via Nigde and Nevsehir.

          This tour can be organised as a 1-day or 4-day tour based on your preference, and with a minimum 8 people and 3 jeep's participation. Another route including northern high plateaus of Toros Mountains can also be organised. For jeep tours, booking is necessary at least five days in advance.
Cappadoia Horse Riding Tours

Our horse riding tours start and finish at the horse farm in Goreme. Transfer of our guests from/to the horse farm in Goreme is provided by service vehicles. Training is available for the inexperienced by the farm if required. The duration of riding and our riding tours varies and is tailored for each group.

Half Day Tour:
Includes visits to around Goreme Valleys (Zemi Valley, Rose Valley and Cavusin). Different routes can be organised if requested.

Hammam (turkish Bath)
The Turkish bath, also know as hamam or hammam, is one of the ancient world's most widely exported customs. The tradition of the Turkish bath was born generations ago, adopted from Romans and Byzantines and then perfected by the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks and has continued even until today.

There are three traditional and a couple modern Hamams in Cappadocia. They all offer the same Hamam facilities but we suggest the traditional ones in Urgup, Nevsehir and Avanos which have historical buildings.

"What happens in a Hamam?" Well, the ritual is simple. After being driven to one of the hamams in Cappadocia by our driver, you will find yourself in the camekan, a hall lined with changing cubicles. In an old-fashioned hamam this is the most impressive part, with a drinking fountain in the center or sometimes a marble pool with a water jet. Before your encounter with water, an attendant leads you into the Sogukluk (cold room) where you adjust to the heat. Next, wearing only a Pestemal (a large striped or checked towel fringed at both ends and wrapped around the chest), and clanking on the marble floor in your nalins (clogs), you pass through a wooden door and reach the core Sicaklik (hot room).

Then your attendant (tellak for men and natir for women) will pour hot water on you and then begin to scrub every square inch of your body. Basically, every millimeter of dead and dirty skin is scrubbed off, even the skin between your fingers and toes.

Afterwards you are lathered with liquid soap and shampoo and given the choice of a full body massage (a little bit painful for the first time, but said to be well worth). The men and women working in the Turkish Hamams are known to give extremely invigorating massages. If you're up for it, let them work away your stress and weariness. The massage will start at your neck and work every muscle down the entire length of your spine to your feet. This is especially wonderful and guaranteed to make you feel relaxed. You will roll over, and the attendant will wash you from head to toe again as if you are a small child. One last shower and then it is time to leave the Sicaklik, steam room.

Then you are given fresh towels and again brought to Sogukluk (the cool room) to rest, dry off, drink tea, coffee or refreshments and socialize with other locals and tourists which are now "Hamamers".

After one hour, it is time to go. You will get up and get dressed and as you pass from the bathing rooms take a fleeting look at yourself in the mirror. Your skin will be glowing rosily. But you will feel it, as soft as a baby's skin. Our driver will be waiting you to drive you back to the hotel.

Rental Services.
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